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TCAT Shelbyville is the Tennessee College of Applied Technology (Shelbyville)… Their blog is one of my daily reads; and, if I was just about 35 to 40 years younger this is the college that I would be heading to in order to cement a career in information technology. Steve Mallard is the Lead IT Manager (and TCAT Shelbyville Blogger); and, for whatever reasons, has always supported What’s On My PC. I am thinking myself and Steve are quite alike (possibly close in age) and both know, after being in the IT field, it is important that IT students know that the learning and passion can never stop or you will be left behind the curve (and possibly in the unemployment line). I sense that he impresses this on his students…

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

The past couple of weeks, the TCAT Shelbyville (blog) has been on a roll with their blog posts that has hit the WOW factor…Below you will find a sampling of their recent posts. ALSO, on a further note, if you have a kid that has a geek side to them, I strongly suggest that you give the Tennesse College of Applied Technology at Shelbyville a good look. I really do not think you will regret it…

Windows 10 – GodMode is back and you can put it on a flash drive

60 Minutes Overtime – New search engine exposes the “Dark Web”

How to repair the boot loader on your HDD or SSD

Excellent playlist for Server 2008 R2

What’s Running 3.0?

Don’t daisy chain switches

What is really new in Windows 10 – Changelog

Improve network performance


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  1. Many thanks for the feature! Often we are too busy to blog and have redirected to quality blogs such as What’s on my pc. Over the years we have found so many great programs and reviews over here that this has became a resource for our students. Thanks for everything Rick!


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