Extend The Functionality Of Evernote With CardDesk

If you are an Evernote user you may want to take a look at the new cloud app called CardDesk (which is currently in Beta). Signup for the account at CardDesk is FREE and you have nothing to lose.


In a nutshell CardDesk is a web application that ties in nicely with your Evernote account to give you a visual desktop organizer for your Evernote notes. The notes give the appearance of index cards that can be moved around and arranged on any number of virtual screens or desktops (where you can select from different backgrounds). You can edit a note by double clicking on the header of the note.  Nice concept…


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  1. On the face of it, CardDesk looks really smart and I almost jumped in straightaway. There may be privacy concerns though as you are granting it access to all your Evernote content. Probably worth pointing out that if you have sensitive information in Evernote, either encrypt it or be careful what you sign up for.
    This also applies to other third party apps accessing your Evernote database for example Sunrise Calendar (now owned by Microsoft) and Kanbanote.


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