Spice Up Your Documents With CopyPasteCharacters

Have you ever seen documents or emails where someone has “somehow” inserted special characters or symbols in the document and you are wondering, “Where are these symbols on the keyboard?”. These symbols or characters are referred to in the geek world as “alt codes”. These symbols and characters are keyboard generated by pressing the ALT key in combination with numbers on the NUMBER PAD (on your keyboard). I recently posted an article about “ALT codes”, titled, “Using the Alt Key on your Keyboard to Make Special Characters” that leads you to a good visual source on how to apply these codes.

The problem you run into with these codes, without a visual reference, is remembering what “ALT” keys to apply to generate a symbol (or character).  Recently I found a simple cloud based solution that specializes in allowing you to easily copy and paste ALT code type symbols (and characters) into documents, emails, forums, etc…  The site is called CopyPasteCharacter.com.


Once you get to the site you will find an array of various symbols (and characters) and if you open up an account you can even save and create your own character set. To use a character, you simply “left mouse click” on a symbol (or character) and the symbol (or character) will automatically be copied to the clipboard on your computer. At that point, what I do is left mouse click, select “paste” from the menu and the symbol (or character) will be inserted into the document. ❤


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    1. Thank you Jacqui… As long as I have had an interest in computers, I never used (or really even heard of) “alt” codes. I kept wondering, “How are people making these characters?”. I finally got around to exploring this more and finally discovered that it didn’t take Einstein to do this.

      Have a great weekend…



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