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Tech Paul at Tech-for Everyone has posted “rules” that you need to keep in mind. Probably, the most important rule is NEVER relinquish control of your computer to a third party that calls you out of the blue…

Tech - for Everyone

I just got a phone call from some Indian claiming to be from the “Windows Technical Department”; he addressed me by name, and he started to tell me that there were serious problems with my computer, but I told him he is a vile criminal, and hung up on him.

This was my second such call this week. So be aware, folks, the fake Microsoft tech support phone call scammers are still quite active. Remind your friends and loved ones of this fact, and tell them that no way, no how, are such calls legitimate. Maybe even refer them to this resource:

Keep these other tips rules in mind:

  • Don’t give control of your computer to a third party who calls you out of the blue.
  • Do not rely on caller ID alone to authenticate a caller. Criminals spoof caller ID numbers. They may appear to be calling…

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2 thoughts on “Windows Technical Department

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  1. Tech Paul,

    Excellent write-up and advice… I have had some family members and neighbors fall for this scam…

    Trying to get my Baltimore Orioles on track back here… I need to check on your Giants to razz you a bit along the way.



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