How To Activate The FM Radio Chip In Your Smartphone

I bet you did not know that your smartphone has a FM radio chip built into the phone that has the ability to receive FM radio signal broadcasts, just like any FM radio. Since this technology works off of the radio waves, no internet data connection is required.

So, how do you activate the chip in order to receive FM radio broadcasts? This “how to” article is a little bit more involved than what the title may lead you to believe; but, to activate the chip requires each of us to TAKE ACTION and contact our wireless carriers to request that the FM radio chip technology be activated. From what I have read, carriers in other countries activate the chips (by default).

Free Radio On My Phone

To learn more about the FM Radio chip, please visit Free Radio On My Phone

Contact your wireless carrier today to let them know — as a matter of public safety and consumer fairness for data plans — you want your phone’s FM chip activated for constant access to free FM radio!


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  1. The site is not about actually achieving FM radio function on your phone. It is about a campaign to put pressure on wireless carriers to enable the capability which does exist in most modern smart phones. If you have rooted your phone or are willing to, there are phone models for which you can actually get the FM tuner working now, whether your carrier cooperates or not. For more information, check out the threads here:


  2. I wonder why we cannot activate the chips ourselves? i.e. is there a ‘hack” that we can use to activate the chip? C’mon, the service providers are not going to ‘activate” the chip until they can get money from us to do so. And really, why is it up to the carriers anyway? FM radio is out there for EVERYONE, so we should be able to access it…RIGHT!!!!! (if out phones have the chip)


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