A Software (App) Solution For The Nexus 5 Power Button Problem

I started experiencing an issue on my Nexus 5 Smartphone where the phone would enter into a reboot loop, rebuild the app list, etc… (common problem with the Nexus 5 when the power button is failing). If you perform a search on this problem, you will find multiple solutions, including one (last resort solution) where you take the phone and hit it against a table to cause the power button to release itself (which actually worked in my case). Once I did get the phone back to where it was functioning (power button and all), I knew I needed another solution before the power button failed again…

The solution that I found, that has worked for me so far, is an app called Gravity Screen. Gravity Screen will automatically turn “on” your screen when you need it and turn it “off” when you don’t. For example if I lay the phone down on a table or put it in my belt case, the phone will go to sleep. When I pick the phone back up, depending to the length of time it was asleep, the phone will awaken. Pretty neat…

Gravity Screen uses the sensors that are already built into your smartphone. This app, from what I researched, is one of the best out there for what it does; AND, as with any app that controls hardware features, the results can be mixed (depending on the phone, Android OS, etc…).  So far, on the Nexus 5, it has performed superbly and has given me a level of automation where I should never have to touch the power button again, other than on occasions to reboot the phone, etc… This app is not just for broken Nexus 5 phones, but is for any Android Phone; and, if it continues to perform as good as I have experienced, I can see me installing this on my next Android smartphone….

Below is a video explaining how Gravity Screen works and its’ associated features…


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