Send Up To 5GB Encrypted Files For FREE (with up To 200MB per single file)

pCloud transfer was recently featured and recommended on I Love Free Software. According to the pCloud web site you are permitted to send large files via 2 methods (and no signup registration is required):

Method #1: Send large files up to 5GB for free with no single file size limit

Method #2: Send up to 5GB encrypted files with up to 200MB per single file

pCloud Transfer

I especially like the (encryption) method #2 where you can upload the files (less than 200mb each), select your recipients, and generate an encryption password. It is your responsibility to provide your friends with the password in order to decrypt and download the files.  Your friends will subsequently receive an email, with a link to the file(s) where they will enter the password to decrypt (and download) the file(s).

pCloud Encrypted Transfer is a highly – secured way to send private files using military-grade encryption methods, which are unbreakable by any known means. You can send up to 5GB to as many as 10 friends at once, absolutely free!


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2 thoughts on “Send Up To 5GB Encrypted Files For FREE (with up To 200MB per single file)

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  1. Upload based method are not secure at all. I am not going to trust and upload my documents on some unknown server. I prefer tools such as Binfer that do not upload files anywhere. Binfer can send large files directly from computer to computer/mobile devices, hence removing any middleman approach(meaning it is safer and faster). Details on send large files


    1. Aidan,

      I will take a look at this; however, Web of Trust is giving me a poor rating badge on this (which may be a false positive)… Keep in mind, anytime data leaves your PC, there is a “middleman” somewhere. I typically, if sensitive files, will encrypt the file on the local level prior to uploading. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and about binfer.



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