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Yesterday I featured pCloud’s Transfer Service; but, what I did not know is that pCloud is also an online file storage service that has features that some of the other contenders do not. After you signup for the service you are given 10GB’s of free space to store and share your files. At that point you can earn more space by completing various tasks and tutorials that they have set up. I am currently working toward upgrading my space by inviting other users. For every user that I invite, I get 1GB of additional space (up to 20GBs) and the person signing up also gets a 1GB of space.

If interested in taking a look at pCloud,


 sign up and we’ll both get some FREE space.


What is pCloud? pCloud is the right place to store and backup all your data – photos, videos, documents and large files without worrying about file size limit. All your files are stored safe in the cloud and available wherever you go, on any device – iOS, Android, Desktop, Web. All your files are immediately synchronized between your computer, your pCloud and all mobile devices and you have instant access to all updates you make.

pCloud has the typical features and options that you will see with some of the other online file storage services, but there are some features that make pCloud stand out:

  • You can upload as large files as your storage space allows you.
  • You can Choose a folder, go to options and click Get Upload Link. You will receive an unique Upload link. You can give that link to anyone who needs to send you a file and he/she can upload it directly to your cloud, even if the person doesn’t have a pCloud account.
  • You can (if pCloud installed) on your mobile devices tell pCloud to automatically backup all files you have on your phone to your pCloud account.
  • You can keep a copy of your important pCloud files on your phone by marking them as your favorite(s). You want to access certain files from your pCloud account even when you don’t have internet connection, you can just mark them as Favorite in the mobile application and a copy of those files will be stored locally on your mobile device and the changes to those files will be synchronized on every modification.
  • You can backup files from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and Picasa to your pCloud account.


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