Nice Brief Review On What Will Be New (To You) In Windows 10

As many of you are aware, Microsoft will be shoveling out Windows 10 to Windows 7 and Windows 8 user’s on July 29, 2015. I am sure many of you (including myself) have not experienced Windows 10. As with any new operating system, there will be challenges and I know many are gun shy due to the unpleasant transition that many experienced as a result of upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8. From what I witnessed, most of the issue during that upgrade, for the end user, was the forced change in how the PC booted to the metro screen (instead of the desktop) and no start menu being present.

Windows 10

When Windows 8 was the talk, I deliberately avoided the beta’s so that when it was released, I would experience (and see) what the end user would experience when it was finally released. I have to admit, I was quite shocked and can relate to the frustration many experienced. Now that Windows 10 is the talk, I decided to do the same and have not downloaded (or experienced) any of the Windows 10 beta’s.  Again, I want experience (and see) what others will experience (and see) the first time they use Windows 10.

HOWEVER — There is nothing to say that we can’t read about Windows 10, look at some screenshots, learn what is new, and at least prepare ourselves with some inside information.

To help prepare you for Windows 10, TechAdvisor has prepared a nice (and brief) Windows 10 review: hands on with the preview version of Windows 10 and the new Start menu, Edge browser, new apps and Cortana.


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