Using XP or Vista? Appears There Is A Workaround Available For You To Get A FREE Windows 10 Upgrade

 Found this at Lifehacker, that may be of interest to you XP and Vista users. If you install the Windows 10 Preview on your Windows XP or Vista computer, establish a valid Microsoft account, you will then be eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade (for FREE).

As Microsoft details on its Windows blog, if you’re running the Windows 10 Technical Preview as part of the Windows Insider Program, and you have a valid Microsoft account connected to your installation, you’ll be upgraded to Windows 10 for free. If you’re already in the program, future builds will prompt you to connect your Microsoft account if you haven’t already done so.

While this is good news for those on the preview builds, it’s also a handy workaround for anyone who might be getting left behind when the free upgrades start rolling out. — source: Lifehacker

If interested in exploring the option of installing the Windows 10 preview, Lifehacker also can help you out with instructions on performing the installation, as well — CLICK HERE

Of course, make sure your computer meets the Windows 10 system requirements. Not sure?  CLICK HERE to get those requirements.


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2 thoughts on “Using XP or Vista? Appears There Is A Workaround Available For You To Get A FREE Windows 10 Upgrade

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  1. It turns out to be less than totally true. See
    Briefly, unless you have a valid Windows 7 or 8.1 license, you must join the Windows Insider program, after which your Windows 10 will continue to work as long as you remain active in the program and receive updates via the program. You don’t get “the upgrade”. You are a tester.


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