NEW Downloads Page (featuring app and software swarms)

One of my self-proclaimed passions in the world of information technology is software. Today I have changed the Downloads tab at the top of the page to link you to a new concept that I have come up with, called software or app swarms.

There is no sanity or organization to the swarms other than the swarms being divided up into 5 basic generalized categories (Software and Apps Sites – Free Software – Portable Apps – Android Apps – Cloud Computing Apps).

The neat thing about this is that you can contribute recommendations to add to any of the swarm categories by using the comment section on the page. I will then review the recommendation for quality assurance. PLEASE do not be offended that I shoot down a recommendation. The objective with this project is:  Quality; not Quantity.

PLEASE keep in mind this concept is in its’ infancy and will grow as I continue to add to the swarms.


Thank You For Visiting Today


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