Geek Squeaks #2015-9 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: How To Make A Batch File Shortcut To Open Multiple Web Pages At Once and MORE)

How To Make A Batch File Shortcut To Open Multiple Web Pages At Once – Many non-technical personality type folks shy away when they hear terms such as batch file. As a matter of fact it has been awhile since I have heard anyone use the term until I came across The Windows Club article on how to “Create single desktop shortcut to open multiple web pages in Windows“…  The article goes on to tell you how to use notepad in Windows to create a batch file shortcut that will enable you to click on the shortcut (preferably from the desktop level) and launch multiple web sites in your browser in separate tabs. A fast way to get up and running quickly. There are other options to doing the same thing (within today’s modern browsers); but, I found this article interesting due I haven’t heard the use of batch files for awhile. Nice tip (and easy) from The Windows Club…

Batch File To Open Multiple Pages

 Verizon Is Shaking Up On How You Pay For Your Wireless Service – One of the hot topics out there right now is the wireless service providers making changes on how we end up paying for those expensive smartphones in our pockets. T-Mobile pretty much set the stage for all of this and the others are offering competitive plans and options. Verizon is no exception… Yahoo Tech has an article posted announcing that Verizon kills off service contracts, smartphone subsidies … In the end I this may drive the competition of drop the high pricing on these phones.

REMINDER – Use ProduKey To Identify Your Windows 10 Product KeyProduKey (by NirSoft) is a available for FREE (as a full install or portable app). The description at the NirSoft site indicates the software will display the key for Windows (including Windows 7 and Windows Vista). Does not indicate Windows 10; however, I can attest that it will work for Windows 10, as well. The Windows 10 product key is a key you need to keep (very important) in the event you need to re-install Windows 10.


My Favorite CD/DVD Burner And Ripper – If you upgraded to Windows 10 and are looking for an easy to use (lightweight), but professional CD / DVD / Blu-ray burning (and ripping) software, then AnyBurn is the way to go. It is also available as a portable app…


Need A Good Smartphone Case? – I currently carry my smartphone in one of the NiteIze cases… Check some of them out HERE


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