Geek Squeaks #2015-10 @ What’s On My PC (Featuring: A Back Door Way To Get The Windows 10 Upgrade Immediately and MORE)

How To Get The Windows 10 Upgrade Immediately – There is always a back door way… The Windows Club in their article, “When will I get Windows 10? We’re validating Windows 10 for your PC …” explains about a little known registry edit that will jump start the installation. I do recommend that if you edit the registry to always make a backup of the registry and if you never have edited the registry before, you may want to wait for your Windows 10 upgrade or download (and run) the media creation tool

Windows 10 Upgrade

PC Optimization and Cleaning Tool – Almost everyone out there knows about CCleaner. If you don’t, you are missing out on one of the most trusted cleaners out there. Run CCleaner on a regular basis and I guarantee you that you will notice a difference in the performance of the your computer…


A Take On The Windows 10 Groove Music App – You may have noticed that when you went to play a music (or sound) file in Windows 10 you were greeted with something different (than Windows Media Player), called Groove Music. Personally, I do not think this a bad thing; however, when change occurs, especially in the computer world, people threaten to jump off the local bridge. To keep you from doing just that (jumping off a bridge), make sure you go to the How To Geek and learn “How to Add and Organize Music on Windows 10 Using the Groove Music App“…

Fujikam FI-361 HD, Wifi, Video Monitoring Camera (surveillance and security) – Typically when I see these types of cameras that allow you to monitor your personal property, home, pets, etc… from your Smart Phone, Tablet, or PC, I usually find a mixed bag of comments that drive the customer reviews down. The Fujikam FI-361 is one of those exceptions where the customer reviews has kept this camera at a near 5 star rating and is currently rated as a number one best seller at Amazon. CLICK HERE to learn more!


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