Reasonably Priced Cell Phone Signal Booster

Recently I needed a solution to improve my cell signal in a remote camping location where the signal was one bar to no signal at all (in roaming mode outside the area of my provider’s towers). After doing some research I settled with the Wilson Electronics 460106 Sleek – Vehicle Cellular Signal Booster. This booster improved my connectivity to where I am now receiving 3 bars consistently and can make clear cell calls and can text. The data signal (for internet, email, etc…), where I had none prior, is sporadic to where I can least send and receive email. I was pretty excited about that and now looking at the better antenna (click here) to see if I can pull in the data signal better.  I know you should go camping to get away from the electronics, but when you are a geek camper like myself, I still need to get my information technology fix…

This booster is designed to work from your vehicle, with a magnetic based antenna mounted on the roof; however, in my case I am using it from a stationary point in my camper…  There is also a kit availabe (click here) that allows you to use it indoors.  There has to be a signal of some measure in order for the booster to work.  All I can say is, that it does work…

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