Avira SafeApps – A Safe Download Portal For PC Software

Computer software is and has always been my passion. Over the years I have developed (what I think) is a sixth sense when it comes to determining what software is safe to download and install. Most folks at home are reluctant to install any software these days due to the privacy and security risks that can be associated with a bad software installation. As a result, many are missing out on some great software.

A remedy to this problem (that is currently in beta) is the Avira SafeApps download portal. What you find on the portal is a collection of software packages that has been determined by Avira to be safe… I have added SafeApps to the Downloads page under the software and apps site.


“Avira detects 30 million threats every day – many of these originate from download portals. By scanning every app for hidden toolbars, installers, and adware, Avira SafeApps offers you a secure download portal, free of malware and junkware”.

2 thoughts on “Avira SafeApps – A Safe Download Portal For PC Software

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  1. I tried 5 apps which I like — Splashtop, WinDirStat, EasUS Todo Backup, Process Explorer, VLC, and IrfanView. They only had VLC and IrfanView, but I don’t think the absence of the others implies that they are unsafe. This hit rate seems too low to regard the Avira site as useful for determining what is safe or not. I would prefer it if, after a search, it would tell you, “We don’t know if that is safe or not.”, “Avoid this software!”, “Its OK, but we don’t have it.”, or “Its OK, and we have it!”.


    1. As this is in beta, it would be interesting to find out what the criteria is for the selection process. I say stay tuned on this to see where this goes. There are numerous software titles out there that I know of that could or should be included.



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