Shift + Esc To Launch The Google Chrome Task Manager

You may have not known (if you are a Google Chrome Browser fan); there is a task manager built into Chrome, much like the task manager in Windows. The Chrome task manager is quite useful to determine what processes (i.e. tabs, extensions, plugins, etc.) are consuming the most memory and CPU cycles. This can be quite helpful when you suspect that there is an errant application or process running that is causing Chrome to misbehave.

After you launch Chrome, you can get to the task manager by hitting the “Shift + Esc” keys (in combo) on your keyboard. You can also get to the task manager by clicking on the Chrome menu hamburger at the top right corner of the browser; then go to “More Tools”, then click on “Task Manager”.

TIPS: You can also right mouse click within the Task Manager Window to toggle on/off other options that may be helpful when performing your troubleshooting; AND, if you look closely (bottom left corner of the task manager) you will see a hot link to “Stats for nerds”. If you google Chrome Task Manager you will find tons of information on how to use this tool to solve specific browser issues.

Chrome Task Manager

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