Noticed A Feature In PangoBright That I Never Noticed Before

PangoBright is a simple to use screen dimmer utility that I have featured on the blog in the past. Recently, while sitting in my garage watching a ballgame, in the dark, and multitasking on my notebook PC, I needed something to tone down the brightness on the notebook. I remembered PangoBright and downloaded it. When I ran PangoBright it defaulted to a 70 percent screen brightness (which made me happy); but, I noticed something when I clicked on PangoBright’s tray menu. There is now an option to select a fade out color, which further makes this small (116k) portable utility valuable (in terms of reducing eye strain). This option was not there the last time I used PangoBright.

Oh, PangoBright does work on Windows 10…



3 thoughts on “Noticed A Feature In PangoBright That I Never Noticed Before

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  1. I use the tint application of PangoBright to help with reading (dyslexia) so this could potentially be a great tool. However, if I shut down the pc the software icon disappears from the taskbar, I have to search online for it (I do a search and it doesn’t find it on my pc).
    Can someone answer why this might be happening, and what I can do to make it permanently part of my pc?


    1. Frank,

      A good solution for you is to download Pangobright and save it to your desktop. That way it is there and readily available when you need it….

      Thanks for dropping by.



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