Maybe We Shouldn’t Allow Everyone To Have Access To Technology

If you are an IT Professional you may be able to relate to the fact that maybe we shouldn’t allow everyone to have access to technology. For example, when I was doing IT,  I had a user that broke one of my cardinal rules of eating at her computer workstation. It eventually caught up with her one day when her printer began to malfunction and ceased operating. Upon responding and troubleshooting the problem I found that a fat well fed mouse, not a computer mouse, had taken up residence (built a nest) inside her printer.

I can remember another occasion where a user’s eyesight had gotten really bad and she requested that I purchase her a screen magnifier. Being the “make everyone happy” type of IT person, I complied, purchased and installed the magnifier. Since her office was near a window I warned her to position the magnifier away from the window and the sun when not in use. The user failed to heed my advice and one day when I visited her workstation she pointed to a burnt hole in her desk chair. 

You can’t make this stuff up… To see some really horrifying situations, I encourage you to read the article (at Mashable) titled 18 photos that will make your IT person want to cry.  If you have a story to tell, fire away in the comments section.

 18 photos that will make your IT person want to cry

(my favorite)


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