Odd Solution To The Internet Not Working

Assisted two neighbors today that (during the past several days) lost their internet connectivity. One box was hard wired and the other was wireless. Both situations, which I eventually resolved, has me wondering what broke the connection. I am thinking a Windows update, but not even sure on that. I ruled out malware in both cases; but who knows, may have been something in the wild. It may be a coincidence, but both computers experienced the same exact issue. One box was Windows 8 and the other Windows 10. After checking the modems, routers and cabling; determined the issue was occurring at the computer level. Reboots often will resolve problems (such as power management issues); however, in these two cases, the magic of a reboot did not work to resolve the problem. It was after running the ping commands and the ipconfig commands from the Admin Command Prompt that I determined the issue (in both cases) was at the network adapter level. In both instances the properties of the network adapters (in the device manager) displayed that the adapters were working properly. I was also thinking possible Winsock issues where the TCP/IP needed reset. Anyhow, while I was in the network card adapter properties, I clicked on the “driver’s tab” and clicked on “update driver” knowing it would be impossible to update the driver from the internet (due to no internet connection). The driver update failed, but guess what, the internet connection in both cases immediately came back to life.

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I am not an everyday tech, as I once was years ago, and I am puzzled over this. If you have any insight to this, please leave a comment that may be helpful to myself and especially to others.  Thank you…

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  1. My neighbor called yesterday (12/8) about loss of connection on her Windows 10 machine (with wired connection to router). In her case, a reboot fixed it; but it could be related. I have seen no such symptoms on 3 different Windows 10 machines of my own (2 Wi-Fi, 1 wired). (But I did have to reboot my router 3 days ago.)


    1. David,

      Thanks for the input… I have talked to a nephew of mine at a help desk and he has experienced random issues such as this. Does have me wondering. At my place I don’t remember ever resetting my router or anything for that matter. Sort of a mystery.



    1. Paulerdash,

      Had another PC with the same issue… In the “Ghacks” article there is an “UPDATE” posted at the bottom of the article that reflected a solution from Microsoft. The solution is to “restart” the PC, not “Shut Down” the PC. Each of the PC’s I visited were PC’s in the home environment where the end user keep the PC’s on all the time (and allow the PC to go into sleep mode). As a result, my guess is that due to the PC’s in this scenario not restarting (or being prompted to restart), the update did not take. Manual restarting fixed the problem. Again, thanks…



      1. I did try some netsh winsock command (maybe not that one). No joy.
        But image restore from a failing HD trashed my laptop.
        Had to do a clean install of Win10.
        Looks like all is OK now.
        So can’t blame M$, but they did start the chain of events.
        Maybe I need to thank them for alerting me to the fact that my backup USB HD was faulty 🙂


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