A “FastKey” Launcher For Android

Thought I would throw this out there for you Android users.  It is called “FastKey” and it is a launcher for your phone or tablet. I installed this and was super impressed on how fast it was; however, I wish it had an option where I could solely use it as an app (and not so much as a default launcher).  Anyhow, this launcher keeps a keyboard on your screen and when you need to find something, such as an app, contact, etc…, this launcher is right on top of it.

Source: Google Play Store (FastKey Launcher)

2 thoughts on “A “FastKey” Launcher For Android

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  1. I’ve been using Fastkey for about a week now, and I’m definitely hooked. It’s VERY fast, light weight, and it does support icon packs (although to change individual home screen icons you’ll need a 3rd party app like Awesome Icons). I like the keyboard – it gives the launcher a unique look. You can also search contacts by first or last name and I think apps will work the same way. If you have a lot of apps and/or contacts on your phone, you really should try this app!


    1. Ken,

      Thanks for your write-up on this… Good to hear from people that really give these apps a try. The developers work hard on this stuff and often don’t hear the positives.

      Thank you,



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