This Gmail Phishing Attack Is Even Fooling The Tech-Savvy 

This Gmail Phishing attack (see source link below) has been making tech news and is very important that you are made aware. It has been known by Google since March of 2016. This deceptive sneaky attack is currently only targeting Gmail accounts. The cybercriminals trick you into giving away your Google or Gmail Login Credentials. It is even fooling those who are tech-savvy and very familiar with phishing schemes.

Once an account has been compromised, the attackers immediately access it and start targeting the victim’s contacts.


Gmail phishing attack: cybercriminals use cleverly designed URLs and they immediately access the hacked accounts

Source: Phished Gmail Accounts Immediately Accessed by Hackers | SecurityWeek.Com

3 thoughts on “This Gmail Phishing Attack Is Even Fooling The Tech-Savvy 

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  1. Jacqui,

    From what I read in the source article, you can figure it out through the URL, but it is very deceptive. I guess the best bet is that if you receive ANY email that is prompting you to enter login credentials, to avoid it. Instead, go directly to the site and make changes.

    Also, I added your site to the “Tech News” feeds… The feeds can be accessed via the “Tech News” tab at the top of the blog.



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