How To Create An Image Backup In Windows 10 | PCWorld

Did you know there is a featured component built into Windows 10 that will allow you to make an image backup of everything on your computer, including the partitions and boot sector?

I encourage you to follow the source link below to learn how to take advantage of this feature to easily make the backup AND instruction on how to restore an image from the backup. Recently, I purchased a new computer (see here) and one of the first things I did was make an image. In the event of a failure of some type, I can use that image to restore the computer back to the time that I had created the image. Trust me, if you have done this; then, do it!  Computers do and will fail.

Source: How to create and restore an image backup in Windows 10 | PCWorld

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  1. I would not recommend it. When I tried it, it was cumbersome, slow, and I even encountered a bug. Using the system backup of the free EaseUS backup program is much more straightforward, quicker, and compresses better. Furthermore the resulting image can also be used to recover individual files. (Use a throwaway email address for EaseUS, or they will nag you forever to upgrade to a paid version you do not need.)

    Making an image as you received a new computer is not as good as using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool to install the latest version of Windows 10. Furthermore, most new computers have a Recovery Partition which will restore it to the state in which you bought it anyway.


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