You Need To Know About This Phone Scam

Fortunately, I was brought up by a generation where you were taught to trust your fellow man. Today, that trust is being compromised and taken advantage of on a daily basis. One example of this is the landline phone and the scammers that call on a daily basis. It has gotten so bad, that I am constantly telling my parents, who are from the generation of trusting others, to look at the caller ID and if you know the caller, answer it; if not familiar with the number calling, do not answer it.  The caller will leave a message if the call is that important. In my own home, I do not answer my landline phone (and my friends and neighbors know it). I tell them to leave a message… It is too bad that using the old technology of landline phones has become a haven for crime.

There are methods and phone services to blacklist (or block) suspicious calls, but most people either do not take advantage of these services and/or the scammers are learning to get around those defenses. Cell phones are just as susceptible; however, I have found the focus is more on the landline phones (and the elderly).

Today, I want to share you how crazy these scams are becoming. USAToday had this article published (see source link below) whereby simply answering the phone and saying the word “YES” can get you in a real mess.

Just say ‘no’ to these scammers, but hang up the phone first.

Source: You’re a victim with one word in ‘Can you hear me?’ phone scam

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