A Quick Grab and Save Clipboard Utility

Found this on BetaNews that looks interesting…  It is called Pastextra.  It is a tiny Explorer extension which enables pasting clipboard text or images directly to a file, no extra steps required. This is useful if you are into saving images or text that you need to preview later.

The program has no installer, but it’s easy to set up manually. Extract the archive to a safe folder, run Pastextra as an administrator and it registers itself on Explorer’s right-click menu.

Getting clipboard text or images into a file normally requires some help from an application.You might launch Notepad, paste in some text, click File > Save As, browse to the folder you need and…

Source: Paste clipboard content to a file with Pastextra

One thought on “A Quick Grab and Save Clipboard Utility

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  1. A better description of what this program does would be the following: It saves the contents of the clipboard to a new file in the folder in which you invoke the feature while browsing your folders using File Explorer. It gives the file a long name, based on the time, which you would usually want to change to something more informative. In particular, it never does what “paste” is designed to do, so using “paste” in the name of the program is confusing. I’d have called it something more along the lines of “ClipboardSave”.

    I can’t think of an instance when I would ever have wanted this capability. When I paste (and that is frequently), it is always INTO something which already exists.


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