Making America Great Again – GOP Senators Hand Control of Your Data to ISPs

A Senate vote on Thursday overturned a previous Federal Communications Commission rule that required your internet service provider to get your permission before selling your browsing history and “other data”. That “other data” potentially could be your Social Security number, geolocation, and health information.

According to what I am reading in the PCMag article (see source link below), this still would have to pass through the House (which most likely it will) and then onto President Trump for his signature (which he most likely will sign). Maybe, I am missing something here; but, I don’t see how compromising our privacy, by selling our personal information, is making America great again…

The original rule required ISPs to get consent before they sell (your) sensitive consumer data. Republican Senators and FCC members say it’s unnecessary and harmful to ISPs.

Source: GOP Senators Hand Control of Your Data to ISPs | News & Opinion |

6 thoughts on “Making America Great Again – GOP Senators Hand Control of Your Data to ISPs

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  1. Um.. going to have to look into this. My understanding was the standing rule only required ISP’s to provide an ‘opt out’.. which they bury, and 99% of ppl don’t bother with..
    ISP’s have been selling our ‘data’ since day one.


  2. Hi TechPaul…

    Still have to question why? If 99% of the people don’t read the EULA, why then pursue this or is this something as a slap back to the previous administration. I am so tired of all of the politics right now and questionable tactics.

    Anyhow, miss seeing you on your blog.



  3. “Why?” Is always a good question.

    And, yeah.. I’m just too discouraged to keep posting the bad (tech) news: don’t care about Windows after Win 7: and generally hate the direction everything is headed (with no sign the lemmings are learning there’s a cliff ahead) so.. I don’t know when/if I’ll ever post again.

    Hope all is groovy @ Casa Rick.


    1. Tech Paul,

      I started to burnout myself but have tried to make this a fun hobby to try and keep me up to date on the tech changes and news. Went ahead and got my own domain and immediately big drop in numbers. Working slowly to bring those numbers back up a bit.

      I do miss you and your blog; and I am sure others do as well. You always has a good slant on things and really smart solutions to tech related matters.

      Wish you the best my friend…



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