Cable TV Service Fraud Alert That Is Occurring In My Area

Below you will see a “fraud alert” that was circulated by my cable TV service provider.  I am sure this is a common template used by criminal element in many areas around the United States (and maybe abroad). Bottom line is,  DO NOT REACT or RESPOND or CLICK to any emails where personal information is being requested. These type of emails typically contain a threat of some type (such as loss of service); then, go on to request that you to click on a link contained in the email that will route you to a website where your information (such as credit card info, social security number, etc…) will be harvested.

ALWAYS, If in doubt, contact your service provider. It will save you a whole lot of grief…


 Several Antietam Cable customers have notified us they have received an email from an IT company claiming to be myACTV Customer Care. This company claims that accounts will be terminated if the customer does not enter their personal information, and asks for access to customer’s accounts.

In many cases, the email contains a message similar to the following:

“Your email account will be blocked in response to a complaint received by the administration.

myACTV may at any time, terminate its Services for your account and all your data will be lost.

You have to upgrade now to the newest myACTV Office  to avoid this termination process.

Once your account is upgraded, we will restore your account to its normal state.

Follow the account service link below:

This process takes just a few minutes and once complete.

We’ll get back to you.”

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