Windows error code (0xc1900200) – Creators Edition

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Recently I was updating our home laptops and experienced Windows error code 0xc1900200.  Apparently the System Reserve partition is not large enough or is ‘too full’ to install the update.   Over at What’s On My PC, Rick experienced the same thing I was experiencing and we both ironically had to install MiniTools Partition Wizard Free in order to install the update by resizing this partition.

Rick’s apparently worked flawlessly as did three of our four installs at home.  However with one Acer laptop that I had upgraded to a SSD drive, the 100mb System Reserve Partition was at the front of my drive in Disk Management and my computer crashed after resizing the partition.

Instead of panicking, I inserted a Windows 10 CD that I had made and did a Startup Recovery (Click Repair once it starts up).  Once I did this, I still had issues – My desktop…

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