Can’t delete your printer? Try some of these tips.

When I was working as an IT professional, I hated printers. I ended up looking at them as an appliance where each had their own proprietary way of doing things. This article tells me, printers are still a PITA : )

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Printers either install and work flawlessly or they don’t install or give constant problems.  Try these tips.

Start fresh by removing the printer and following the steps below – remember, these tips are NOT just for deleting the printer but for troubleshooting.  Often it is best to run through all of these steps and starting over.

  • Can’t delete the printer?  Open the printer icon in the system tray if you have tried to print and it fails to print.
    1. Once you open the icon, cancel the print jobs that may be pending – try deleting the printer now
    2. Open services.msc by using the run line (right click the menu) or click the orb or Windows start icon and type services.msc (Figure 1)
      1. Navigate to Print Spooler and stop the service.  Once the service has stopped, start the service.
    3. Remove any software under Programs and Features that is related to the…

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