HDD drive slow? It could be your network card…

This is excellent…

TCAT Shelbyville - Technical Blog

Another example of what we thought was a failing HDD, turned out to be a corrupt… Winsock?  A non-profit organization called us today and after running diagnostics on the HDD, turns out the computer lock ups and  experienced freezing along with poor performance.  The problem was the…. network card.

After doing a netsh winsock reset catalog at a command prompt (as administrator), disabling the unused cards on the server after a reboot – the computer acted like a new computer.

Why did this happen?   Being a server, the computer was being accessed remotely and locally.    The network card caused write latency to the HDD by not delivering packets of data or was ‘hanging’ on a request.

See our other post on when your HDD slows down.

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