How To Create and Set A Web Link To Go To A Specific Gmail Account

I currently have 4 different Gmail accounts that I access for 4 different purposes… One of these accounts, I wanted to directly access via a web link, is an account that I am using for note taking purposes (see the article on this). After doing some research you can link multiple Gmail accounts together through your main account, for which I already do; however, I wanted to create a web link that would take me directly to my note taking account, so that I could add that link to my home page. is an awesome way to organize, access and quickly launch your favorite bookmarks on your own customized home page. I have been using for several years.

After doing some research, to set a specific Gmail account to open via a web link, you should use the following link:

replacing USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM with the email account address.

This currently is working well, unless Google changes something.  In the event you are not logged into the account, you will be prompted to login as normal.

2 thoughts on “How To Create and Set A Web Link To Go To A Specific Gmail Account

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  1. I never tested this, seems like a good workaround. However, what I am doing to achieve a similar goal is the following:

    – I have configured different Chrome profiles.
    – Each profile is connected to a different Google Account.
    – Since I use many browser tabs and windows opened in my computer, using Cmd-` I easily switch between profiles.

    Normally I have Gmail opened as the first tab of each profile.

    Not sure if it is the same scenario you needed, but in my case as I manage many different accounts, I have more than 20 profiles created, and normally I have 3 or 4 Chrome windows, one for each profile. I have used this approach in Chrome since I can remember, and I am very used today to work like this.


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