Google Duo – New Version 14.1 Bug Fixes and Product Improvements

I have posted about Google Duo in the past and noticed that Google is still working to make it better. Google Duo is a very simple to use video conferencing app. I have found it to work very well over a cell data network, even when you are not connected to a wi-fi network. If you are a grandfather like me, Google Duo is easy to use and to setup on the Android, iPhone and iPad app platforms, that will give you the ability to do a virtual visit with the grandkids. There are many uses for Google Duo and the example I gave is just one example of how I use it. What sells me on this messaging app is that it is simple. If you already have a Google account, you are ready to go… Simply install the app on your device and follow the prompts.

  • Duo is all about ease of use. There’s no separate account to create, no need to build a new contact list: the app can use your phone’s contact list already, and start a video call with a click.
  • Duo’s “Knock Knock” feature means users will see live video of any caller before they pick up, giving a quick idea of where they are and what they’re doing.
  • The app does its best to keep you connected, seamlessly switching between mobile data and wifi as necessary, and automatically adjusting resolution to match available bandwidth.
  • Google hasn’t forgotten about security, either– end-to-end encryption keeps snoopers out, even on insecure wifi hotspots.

SOURCE: Download Crew – Google Duo 14.1

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