Here’s “How To” Auto Hide Those Desktop Icons

Over the years, I have assisted people with their computers and have found that their Windows desktop becomes a haven for icons. Some folks are organized about it; but, most folks are not. Myself, I try to keep my desktop organized and the icons to a minimum. In addition, I use a portable app called “AutoHideDesktopIcons” to auto hide the icons after a set period of time. To simply reinstate the icons (make them appear again), I simply left mouse click the desktop.

AutoHideDesktopIcons also has an option to the hide the taskbar and an option to autostart with Windows (which I recommend in order to take full advantage of this app). AutoHideDesktop Icons is very small in size (<60K) and is fully compatible with all versions of Windows.

SOURCE: – AutoHideDesktopIcons

One thought on “Here’s “How To” Auto Hide Those Desktop Icons

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  1. Keeping any icons at all on a Windows desktop strikes me as a silly holdover from an earlier age. They only serve as launchers for programs and folders. But the fact that they lie under the program windows you have open is a tremendous inconvenience. But, since Windows 8, we can have a separate Start screen where you can keep all that stuff in an organized way. My desktop has zero icons of any sort (just Hubble wallpaper). On rare occasions I will drop something there temporarily. OTOH, I use my Start screen for lots of programs and folders.


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