Another Windows Software Option To Protect Your Eyes At Night and Get Better Sleep

Even though there is a control option in Windows 10 that will adjust the light being emitted from your computer screen at night (see article here) to ease your eyes and not disrupt your sleep; there are other options out there to do the same (and better).  One such option, developed by a 22-year-old developer, is called “Light Bulb”.

Light Bulb is an open source software application (which is FREE) that eliminates eye strain when working during late hours by smoothly reducing the display color temperature on your monitor. You can adjust Light Bulb anyway you want to set your own profile; plus, there is a geolocation feature built in that will automatically select your location for the sunrise and sunset times.

When it gets late, due to bright blue light emitting from the screen, looking at your PC monitor can become very straining on the eyes. This program sits in the background and continuously changes the gamma using temperature profiles, making the colors appear warmer at night. You can customize it in any way you like, including changing the day-time and night-time color temperatures, transition duration, sunrise and sunset times, temperature smoothing and a lot more.

SOURCE: Alexey Golub | software developer – Light Bulb

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