FREE Lightweight Android App Alternative For Both Facebook and Facebook Messenger

I have heard from folks, especially on the lower spec phones, where the full install of Facebook and Facebook Messenger cause their phones to slow down (due to background memory usage) and that the space on their phones is eaten up (due to the large install size and subsequent caching of data). The full install of the Facebook app consumes approximately 80 MB plus; and, the full install of Messenger consumes 54 MB plus; thus, after using both apps and factoring in the caching of data, you are getting into hundreds of megabytes of data being consumed (and that is not factoring in the background memory being used).

After doing some research for an alternative option, due to my phone being a low spec phone and hearing the complaints from people, I opted to give an Android app called “Swift for Facebook Lite” a try (see source link below). The full install is approximately 30 MB for both Facebook and Messenger with data caching rising to approximately 100 MB. I messed around with some of the other options out there but was not impressed due to the advertisements that kept popping up. With “Swift for Facebook Lite”, I am not seeing that, YET!.

Anyhow, from my testing so far, this is working for me with no degradation in the performance of my phone and does everything I need it to do (when it comes to reading/responding to my timeline, receiving notifications and using messenger). This may lack some of the bells and whistles from the full install of the true Facebook and Messenger apps; but, you may want to give this a try, especially if you have a low spec phone that is not rich in memory or disk space.

Free, lightweight alternative for both Facebook and Facebook messenger which allows you to chat, call, video call with your Facebook friends, send emoticon, videos, images, gift, browse newsfeed, comments, etc… and protect your privacy.

Save your battery and memory
– Only 6MB and 30MB roughly after installing compared to hundred of MB by official Facebook and Messenger
– Background connection to Facebook server is optimized to save battery
– Using no more than 20MB RAM to save your battery
– Simplify Facebook layout to save your battery

Protect you privacy
– Login and chat instantly using Facebook account with public profile (we don’t need this but it’s default by Facebook)
– Requires only handful of permissions to let you send and receive images downloaded from Facebook
– Please take a look at our privacy policy at the end of this page for more information

Very smart and easy to use
– Both Facebook and Messenger in a small app
– Push notifications to make sure that you never miss a message
– Compatible with older Android version
– Send images, download videos from Facebook
– Video call and voice call with Facebook friends (for Android 5 and later)

SOURCE: Google Play – Swift for Facebook Lite (to install on your Android Smartphone, open the Google Play app on your phone and search for “Swift for Facebook Lite”)

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