Windows 10 – The “Nuclear Option” to Resetting Your PC

Decided to post these steps here on the blog for my own future reference, in the event I need to “reset” my Windows 10 based computer and perform what I call the “nuclear option” (which means the computer is “reset” and “everything removed” including my settings, personal files and any programs that I may have installed).

When performing the “nuclear option”, it is also good to “pray” and have a Windows 10 Recovery Disk handy. It is also good to have a backup of your personal files in place and have ready any program install disks (so that you can re-install any of your programs — such as Microsoft Office, as an example). Resetting a Windows 10 computer requires planning and time. I recommend you set down, prior to doing this and list out the steps of what you want to do (and in the order of how you want to do them).

Steps to “Reset” your Windows 10 based computer are as follows:

  1. Click on “Start Button”
  2. Click on “Settings” icon
  3. After the “Windows Settings” window loads, click on “Update and Security”
  4. After the next “Settings” windows loads, click on “Recovery” located on the left side of the window.
  5. You will then see “Recovery” with an option to “Reset This PC”.  Click on the “Get Started Button”.
  6. A blue box will appear with two options. Click on the option “Remove Everything” (including personal files, apps and settings).
  7. After click on “Remove Everything”, the process to do this can take quite a bit of time.  Just be patient…

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