A FREE Way To Create A Slideshow With Transitional Effects And Music

I have featured FastStone Image Viewer here on the blog in the past. If you are looking for a full featured image viewer, this is the one to get. One of the features that I fail to mention, is the slideshow builder that allows you to build a slideshow with 156 transitional effects and the option to include music. Once you get everything just the way you like it, you simply click on the “Create” button and FastStone Image Viewer will create the slideshow and compile it into an executable file. The beauty of this is that when you go to present the slideshow, you only need the executable file to launch the slideshow. This feature allows you to take the slideshow with you on a flash drive and launch the slideshow without having to install the FastStone Image Viewer software. The slideshow builder is an easy and free way to compile a slideshow for  events, a class, a memorial or family get together.

After you install FastStone Image Viewer, click on “Create” on the top menu, then click on “Slideshow Builder”.  You will then be presented with an interface as reflected below with the various options.

(click graphic to enlarge)

SOURCE: FastStone Image Viewer

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