5/8/2018 – Check out the new “Tech Deals” page (click here) that is a compilation of tech deals I have been posted.

4/30/2018 – I am going to try something different here on the blog. I spend a great deal of time trolling tech and software sites to satisfy my obsession for information technology. With the ability to now share things quickly from the computer, smartphone, tablet, and Chromebook, I plan to push more subject matter to the blog; albeit, in a shorter article format. In other words, when I see something of importance you will see a short blurb about it here on the blog so that it can be shared with you, as well. What I have found is that most people, including myself, want the information as quickly as possible without having to read a long article.

Sites I Recommend

All Pc Stuff

4/Ask A Tech Teacher 

Awesome Wallpapers



Data Recovery Blog

Dom’s Tech & Computer Blog

GEGeek – PC Tech Quick Reference

I Love Free Software

I Want Ice Water

IT Rush

Malware Removal Instructions

Tech Thoughts

Tech-for Everyone

Top Freeware

TCAT Shelbyville


DW®’s Blog (gardening, morel hunting, pc repair,pc programming)


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    1. Thankyou Jacqui… I have been working on this today, “on and off”. One thing I am playing around with is a “randomized header” image (or at least that is what I am understanding it to be). I was very reluctant to make change; due I was afraid it would really mess something up. I have gained a lot of confidence in the WordPress editors. Your blog looks awesome and had a lot to do with me wanting to modernize a bit. I can’t believe I am still doing this nearly 10 years. Time does fly… Again, Thanks… Rick


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