Quick Tip: Should I Leave My Computer “ON” 24/7?

sleeping computer

Here at “What’s On My PC”, I typically fire up my PC in the morning, leave it “on” all day and then put it to bed (turn it “off”) at night. I like the idea of booting the computer when I get up to refresh it by clearing the memory, let the Window’s updates take, etc… I also don’t like the idea of leaving a computer on 24/7 because you just upped the risk of the computer being compromised by another person (such as a child) and or externally via the internet. I know at some places of employment, PC’s are left “on” 24/7.

Also, as an added note; if I leave my house for an extended period of time, I turn the computer “off”.

In summary, I look at a computer as an appliance that requires some level of supervision…

What is your take on this?

4 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Should I Leave My Computer “ON” 24/7?

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  1. I’m interested in seeing today’s opinion on this topic. Some 20 years ago, a wise sage advised me that turning off electronics decreased the lifetime of the circuitry, sending surges of electricity through all the components. Seemed logical to me and I’ve followed that – infrequently power cycling.Even with todays power saving features, that has stuck in my head. Lets hear more thoughts..


    1. Steven,

      Welcome to What’s On My PC… I too, have heard that old adage that you described; however, in today’s electronic world we are turning computerized electronics “on and off” all of the time. I have always followed the plan that I described in the article and never had a failure that I can associate to the actual turning “on” and “off” of the computer. I do believe there was something to what you are saying in past years; but, with today’s build of solid state circuitry, it is different. Really, it is all a matter of preference when it comes down to it. I like the idea of shutting down from a security standpoint and that the memory is refreshed. Also, just came to mind. Leaving a computer “on” 24/7 is sucking air and dirt. I have opened PC’s that are left on all the time (not cleaned) and have actually removed a blanket of dirt and dust. Thank you for putting this out there… Very good points you made.



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