BleachBit Portable 2.0 (disk, cache, history cleaner) Recently Released

Cleaning utilities, such as BleachBit, are great in freeing disk space, removing junk files, erasing your cache, deleting cookies and clearing your internet history. This all goes toward protecting your privacy.

BleachBit wipes clean 90 applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Adobe Flash, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and more. Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster. Better than free, BleachBit is open source.

It’s packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. And it’s open source and completely free.

Source: BleachBit Portable 2.0 (disk, cache, history cleaner) Released | – Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives

“ClickandClean” Chrome Browser Utility | Privacy and Security News, Updates and Releases

New update to Click&Clean. If you are using this application, which is a browser extension for the Google Chrome web browser, it will auto update on its’ own. I have been using his cleaning utility on my desktop computers, as well as my Chromebook. Click the source link below to learn more or click here for the quick start guide to get a good feel about how Click&Clean works.

Privacy and security news, important security vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Latest Click&Clean and another software releases and updates.

Source: Click&Clean | Privacy and Security News, Updates and Releases

Popular Clean Master For Android Now Available For Windows

The cleaning utility that I use on my Android devices (smartphones and tablets) is Clean Master. I have come to rely on it to clean, optimize and protect my devices and have found it to be very reliable and fast.

Clean Master is by a company called cheetahMobile that has Android offerings such as Clean Master, CM Security, CM Browser and Battery Doctor. I endorse each of these apps and have them all installed on my Android devices.

This past week I stumbled onto Clean Master for PC and installed it to give it a try.

Clean Master

The PC version of Clean Master will scan for junk in your web cache, system cache, known software locations, registry, video and multimedia locations, social media locations and online gaming locations. The first scan that I performed Clean Master identified over 3 GB of junk; with subsequent scans identifying less that 500 MB of junk.

Under the settings you will find options to give you reminders to perform a scan based on a time period or when the junk on your PC accumulates to a specific point. You can also set Clean Master up to perform a scan each time you boot your PC.

Just like their Android offering of Clean Master, I am quite impressed; however, there is one thing I am seeing that is missing that I think is important. I think there should be a backup option available, especially when performing registry scans. Other than that, Clean Master for PC is going to be a winner; and, just like the Android version you will see the PC version only get better.

Clean Master for PC is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 …


GEEK SQUEAKS (#64) – Everything Kindle, Clean Your Windows PC, FREE Software, Space Fantasy Wallpaper, and the 25 Worst Passwords

Everything Kindle: Kindle Fire, Accessories and Books

Everything Kindle

I recently had the opportunity to play around with the Kindle Fire. It is not an iPad Killer, but it is everything Amazon is saying it is. If you don’t believe me, read the reviews [HERE].  If you are looking for a SOLID tablet computer, that is easy to navigate, that will get you on the internet (on the go), has great screen resolution, and the ability to add apps, then do not hesitate. For the money, you will not go wrong. Great present for Christmas!




CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your Windows PC. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. Easy to use and a small, fast download.


Big Geek Daddy
Free Software

A Big Geek’s collection of Free Software and websites to help you improve your computer knowledge and experience.  Nearly all of the software linked to is Freeware, however, some is Payware.  You can save a considerable sum of money by using Free Software rather than buying a retail product.  Most of the software that isn’t free has a trial period where you can use the program for free to see if you like it.


Awesome Wallpapers
Space/Fantasy Wallpaper Set 51

Space Fantasy Wallpaper


25 “Worst Passwords” of 2011 Revealed – Yahoo! Finance

Worst Passwords


Computers & Accessories Index

Over 600 Bookmarked Tech Sites

MORE Geek Squeaks


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Extend the Cleaning Abilities of CCleaner with CCEnhancer

If you use CCleaner, the highly recommended system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool then you need to also install (and run) CCEnhancer.


CCEnhancer is a small tool that will add support for over 450 new programs into CCleaner.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You must have CCleaner installed on your PC to make this work.
  2. If CCleaner is installed on your PC, download and run CCEnhancer.
  3. When you run CCEnhancer, it will download the latest definition files and automatically add it to the “Applications” section of CCleaner.


That is all there is to it; however, I do recommend running CCEnhancer on a regular basis to keep the definition files up to date or set CCEnhancer to run when your computer starts.  What I do is run CCEnhancer anytime I want to clean my PC since it will automatically prompt me to start CCleaner after downloading the new definition files.

Note: You must use the “Run As Administrator” function if running Windows 7/Windows Vista with User Account Control enabled.


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