Air Explorer – A Windows Based Software Application To Manage Your Online File Storage

Typically when we sign up for online file storage we are often given option to download software that will allow you to sync files locally with the online account. The problem with that, as in my case, I have multiple online accounts with multiple providers and do not want to burden down my computer with numerous software installs from these different providers.

To remedy this issue and to give full control in the management of your files in the cloud, at multiple (popular) providers, check out Air Explorer.

Air Explorer

Air Explorer is a Windows based program that appears to be relatively new (at least to me) that has the ability to connect to multiple online cloud servers. Air Explorer currently supports OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega, Copy, Mediafire, Yandex, and WebDAV. When I tested Air Explorer it effortlessly connected to each of my online accounts and appeared to be quite fast.

Air Explorer Interface

What I like about the Air Explorer concept is that I can centrally and directly manage (move, copy, delete, share) my files and can even copy files from one provider to another provider. Air Explorer provides a dual paned interface that gives you the ability to easily perform the various file operations.


Optionally Air Explorer can encrypt your files when you upload them to the cloud

Sets up multiple accounts from the same server

You can synchronize folders between any cloud or your computer

Copy/Paste between cloud servers

Pause and continue uploads and downloads

Air Exlorer can share files

Centralize search of your files across all the clouds

LIMITED TIME ONLY – Rack Up Free Gigabytes Of Online Storage Space

There are numerous online file storage options out there and the competition is fierce. I recently came across another NEW player in the field (called COPY), that offers (for FREE) an enticing 15 GB (or more) of online storage space to new accounts.

It doesn’t stop there… To celebrate the launch of COPY, they are offering 5 GB of additional space for every person that is referred to their service. The person who takes advantage of the referral also gets a 5 GB bonus on top of the 15 GB (for a total of 20 GB). From what I am reading, there is no limit to the number of referrals and you must install one of their apps (desktop or mobile) to take advantage of this opportunity in order to be credited for the 5 GB bonus.

To help me test this out; and, to help me add to my 15 GB amount, please click the link below to sign-up for your own 15 GB COPY account and install one of their apps (desktop or mobile). You should also receive the additional 5 GB bonus for signing up through this link. I have no idea how long this offer will last…


ADDENDUM TO THIS POST (1/17/2014) – As of date of this addendum, I was up to 60 Gb of space in my COPY Account (from the original FREE 15 GB); so, we can confirm the referrals are working.  Thank you very much!  Keep ’em coming…  Rick


COPY is the product of network security and backup giant Barracuda, your files are stored on servers we control and manage, not with a 3rd party like most cloud storage services.

COPY - Online Storage

For increased security, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, including top-secret grade AES 256, both during transfer and while at rest on Barracuda’s enterprise-class cloud storage.

And with advanced features like secure sharing, source validation, and identity verification, you can breathe easy knowing your content can only be seen by the people you want.

FREE 15 GB or more

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux friendly
  • iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps
  • Share files with others
  • Electronically sign 5 documents per month


A Free Clipboard Manager That Saves Every Text and Image You Copy to the Clipboard

Typically when you cut or copy text (or an image), it is saved transparently to the Windows clipboard. The problem with this operation is that if you perform a cut or copy operation multiple times, the previous instance of what you cut or copied is wiped from the clipboard.

Free Clipboard ManagerA solution to this problem is to use a clipboard manager that allows you to save multiple instances of a cut/copy operation. Today I want to lead you to really neat clipboard manager, that is relatively new, that is portable and will allow you to copy and store multiple instances of text and images.  It is called Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager

Free Clipboard Manager saves every text and image that is copied in the clipboard! This is useful if you have to take a lot of screenshots or if you need to access to multiple notes of part of code without the need to paste them in a text editor. Simply hit CTRL-C or PRINT SCREEN to save automatically the clipboard content to hdd! To copy them back to clipboard, select the item, right click with the mouse and select “copy item to clipboard”. The saved content can also be accessed with explorer. Everything is saved in the directory “clipboard”. The software also has an option to prevent user/password to be saved to hdd. Selecting the option “don’t save text with less than 20 chars”, user and password with less than 20 chars, are only copied to clipboard.



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Enhance the Windows Clipboard with PasteCopy.Net

PasteCopy.Net is a portable clipboard manager that enhances and (in essence) enlarges the capacity of the Windows Clipboard operations by supporting multiple cut/copy and paste operations. This app will handle multiple cut/copy and paste operations of graphic and/or text and is very useful; especially if you are a blogger or someone that performs a great deal of editing (e.g. html editor, graphic editor, author).  The cool factor about this clipboard manager is that you can arrange the items that you accumulate into categories which makes locating clips a snap.

PasteCopy.NET does not require any installation, and does not leave a trace on the computer; however, the app is dependent on .NET 2.0 or higher (which is a component that is commonly installed on today’s PCs).

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 98/ME/2000 SP3/Server 2003/XP SP2/Vista/Windows 7 – Requirements .NET 2.0 or higher



Portable freeware tool, only (514KB)

Multilingual support (de, en, es, it, nb, pl, pt)

Auto- Copy & Paste Windows Clipboard

Convert rtf to txt (-automatically)

Convert html to rtf or txt (-automatically)

(Auto-) resizable/hide preview

Mouse-hover/keystroke preview

Export and print function


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A Full Featured Windows Clipboard Utility…

Did you know that there are many people who do not know what the Windows clipboard is all about or how to use “cut, copy or paste”? People new to using the clipboard find the concept hard to grasp and really do not understand the benefit of the clipboard. In this article it is my mission to provide a short tutorial on using the clipboard (for Beginners) and then show you a nice utility that is available (for FREE) that makes the clipboard functionality all that more powerful (for Power Users)…

Clipboard Beginners…

The Windows Clipboard is not visible. It is a temporary storage area that allows you to store a block of information using the “cut or copy” menu commands. The block of information can be text, a picture or a file. For beginners, start out by “cutting or copying” some text to the clipboard. The easiest method to do this is take your mouse pointer “I” beam and place  it at the beginning of the text you desire to copy, then hold down the “left” mouse button and drag it across the text. The text will be highlighted as you perform this. After you have completed highlighting the text, release the left mouse button, place the mouse pointer anywhere on the highlighted text, then “right click” and select “copy” on the menu. When you select “copy” on the menu it copies what you have highlighted to the Windows clipboard. When you select “cut”  on the menu it cuts it from the application and places it on the Windows clipboard. Remember you cannot see the actual clipboard and the clipboard can only store one block of information at a time. Once you have copied your selected text to the clipboard you can then “paste” it into another location. For example, you might want to copy a section of text from a website, and then paste that text into an e‑mail message. To “paste”, simply go to the location you want to paste the text, “left” click the mouse at the exact location, then “right click” and select “paste”. You can practice using the clipboard at this website “”. The “cut, copy and paste” selection can usually be invoked from any software application menu (usually under “Edit”) or can be invoked using Windows hot keys (see below).


Clipboard Power Users…

If you are a writer, blogger, graphic editor, where you are making multiple “cut, copy, and paste” routines to the clipboard, then you probably know that using a “clipboard manager” is a real timesaver in completing the task at hand. A clipboard manager lets you save and use an almost unlimited number of text and image clipboard captures.



As a blogger, the clipboard manager that I have come to personally like is “ClipGuru”.  ClipGuru is not the prettiest app around and it requires a short learning curve; but it gets the job done. Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder what you did without it.


Two things about this small application really made an impression with me.

  1. PortabilityClipGuru™ may be installed as an executable ClipGuru.exe file which requires no install procedure and makes no system modifications; thus, making it a portable app.
  2. Security – Release 2.8 attempts to notify users if the Windows clipboard has been ‘hijacked’ by a program continuously flooding the clipboard. While it is unable to identify the specific application which is hijacking the clipboard, it does attempt to notify you by de-activating ClipGuru and setting a ‘Clipboard Hijacked’ message on the ClipGuru panel. This opton can be suppressed via the ClipGuru Options Panel.

Clips that you accumulate can be stored in sets for future reference and pasting into applications.  This little app has become one of my favorite utilities for collecting article information and facts for the blog.

[ DOWNLOAD “ClipGuru” ]


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