Noticed A Feature In PangoBright That I Never Noticed Before

June 20, 2016

PangoBright is a simple to use screen dimmer utility that I have featured on the blog in the past. Recently, while sitting in my garage watching a ballgame, in the dark, and multitasking on my notebook PC, I needed something to tone down the brightness on the notebook. I remembered PangoBright and downloaded it. When I ran PangoBright it defaulted to a 70 percent screen brightness (which made me happy); but, I noticed something when I clicked on PangoBright’s tray menu. There is now an option to select a fade out color, which further makes this small (116k) portable utility valuable (in terms of reducing eye strain). This option was not there the last time I used PangoBright.

Oh, PangoBright does work on Windows 10…



A FREE Screen Dimmer Windows utility

March 1, 2013

Today’s post does not require a whole lot of explaining and to put it simply it is about a screen dimmer utility called PangoBright that will work with a multi-monitor setup.  It has one job and one job only: to manually dim your screens!


I know myself, with a LED monitor, there are times I have to tone down the brightness to keep my eyes from tiring. With, PangoBright installed (small 112 KB .exe file) and residing in the system tray, adjusting the brightness is two mouse clicks away – [ DOWNLOAD HERE ] .



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