A USB Drive That Will Kill A Computer

I don’t know who would want one of these, but a site called USBKill.com is selling a device (similar in appearance to a USB Flash Drive), that purportedly is designed for testing the surge protection of electronics to their limits – and beyond.

According to the site:

“When plugged into a device, the USB Killer rapidly charges its capacitors from the USB power lines. When the device is charged, -200VDC is discharged over the data lines of the host device. This charge/discharge cycle is repeated many times per second, until the USB Killer is removed.”

Simply put: used on unprotected equipment, the USB Killer instantly and permanently disables unprotected hardware.


How To Install Windows Without A Bootable Disk — and MORE GREAT GEEK SQUEAK STUFF (#2016-013)

How To Install Windows Without A Bootable Disk – Typically, to install Windows you will need some type of bootable media (such as a DVD or USB drive). To get around this often cumbersome process there is a new product recently released called WinToHDD.

WinToHDD is a handy and useful Windows software that allows you to install or reinstall Microsoft Windows without using a CD/DVD or USB drive. With this All-in-One Microsoft Windows Setup application, you can easily reinstall Microsoft Windows, install Microsoft Windows onto disks other than the one where your Microsoft Windows operating system is installed, or clone current Windows OS installation (Windows vista or later) to other disk.


I first came across WinToHDD at I Love Free Software, where they have authored a quick tutorial on how to use WinToHDD and the precautions to take…



Love Scrabble??? – If so, check out the 5 Best Scrabble Games For Android @ Android Authority. All of these scrabble takeoffs can be played against other opponents.  If you are looking for a scrabble game that you can play solo against your device, check out my favorite, called Classic Words Solo

 Classic Words Solo- screenshot


Find Out Who and What Is Connected To Your Wireless Network – To rule out the possibility of someone piggy backing off of your wireless network, download and run (portable app) Wireless Network Watcher

Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility that scans your wireless network and displays the list of all computers and devices that are currently connected to your network. For every computer or device that is connected to your network, the following information is displayed: IP address, MAC address, the company that manufactured the network card, and optionally the computer name. You can also export the connected devices list into html/xml/csv/text file, or copy the list to the clipboard and then paste into Excel or other spreadsheet application.


UniExtract2 – Some of you geeksters out there may have heard of UniExtract (or Universal Extractor), that allows you to  extract files from a wide variety of archive files, including ZIP, ARJ, LZH, as well as MSI and EXE files created using various installer packages (such as Nullsoft, Wise, Inno Setup, etc). I primarily use it to decompress installer packages, when possible. Universal Extractor 2 is an unofficial updated and extended version of the original UniExtract by Jared Breland (that is currently in development). It brings several hundred changes including community-wanted ones such as a batch mode, auto-updater and scan-only-functionality.


Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 64GB USB – What I love about this USB drive is the price and that it will attach easily to your key ring.

Kingston Digital DataTraveler SE9 64GB USB

Kingston DTSE9 Flash Drive


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TODAY ONLY = Up to 40% Off Select Transcend Memory Cards, USB Drives, and Solid-State Drives

A quick post this morning (Thursday – June 11, 2015)… Noticed that Amazon has up to 40% off on select Transcend products (such as memory cards, USB Drives, and Solid State Drives). I recently upgraded my 5 year old laptop with a Transcend SSD (Solid State Drive) and what a noticeable performance increase. If interested in checking this deal out, click the link below…

Today only, enjoy special savings on Transcend memory products.
This one-day offer is valid on June 11, 2015,
or while supplies last.



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A Flash Drive That Is As Small As Your Thumbnail

Recently purchased a couple of the SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drives to use with my car and truck audio systems (which means — “no more CD’s”)… Due to the small size of these drives they are best suited for purposes such as this where you plug them in and leave them in place.  I am thinking about purchasing some more of these flash drives, in the larger capacities (>8GB) to serve as my tech toolbox and carry in my wallet. When I got these drives I was really fascinated with how small they were and was saying to myself “How is this possible?”…

SanDisk Cruzer Fit 8GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drives

SanDisk Cruzer Fit


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Nice Deal On Toshiba TransMemory Flash Drives

Remember when the flash drive technology first came out. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one. Today is no exception, especially that the capacity of the these little drives exceed the levels of what some hard drives used to be.

Today I came across a good deal on the Toshiba TransMemory USB 3.0 Flash Drives that you may be interested in. These drives are especially handy for people who work in the information technology profession and for the everyday homebody who wants to store important files off site (i.e. in a bank deposit box).

Toshiba Transmemory Flash Drives


Amazon carries several models of these from the 32 GB capacity all the way up to the 128 GB capacity with a drop in the pricing at this time.

A Low Profile 32 GB Flash Drive That Is Well Suited for A Tablet Computer or Car Audio System

The Tech Product for this week is the SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZEE 32 GB Flash Drive. The best way to describe this drive is that it is discreet.  As a matter of fact, the only bad about this drive is that it is so discreet you may just forget about it.  Otherwise, this drive is well suited for a  tablet computer or car audio where it is a very low profile and inconspicuous. This drive does not protrude from the side of the device like a typical in size flash drive.

Just how small is the Cruzer Fit CZEE 32 GB Flash Drive?  It is next to the size of a dime, so be careful that you do not lose it (or forget about it). Personally, I like the size and typically keep it in my computer to backup my personal documents.

Get the specs from the manufacturer – [ HERE ]

SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZEE 32 GB Flash Drive

Customer Reviews: See what other people are saying about the SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZEE 32 GB Flash Drive [CLICK HERE]

  • Low-profile design for easy USB connectivity
  • Store all your most important data with capacities up to 32GB**
  • SanDisk SecureAccess™ software provides password protection**
  • Includes up to 2GB of online backup optionally available from YuuWaa**
  • Fits unobtrusively in a tablet or car audio USB port


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A Home For ALL Of Your Favorite Websites, Links, Recipes, Images, Podcasts, Videos And MORE!

Ever hear of QuickLinkr? I never heard of QuickLinkr, until NOW…

QuickLinkr is a cloud based bookmarking service that gives you the ability to keep all of your bookmarks in one place, that is available from any device, any where, any time! QuickLinkr is currently in beta!


What separates QuickLinkr from many of the other bookmarking services is that once you add an URL (web site), QuickLinkr will capture and create a mini version of the bookmarked page (larger than a thumbnail) which creates a tiled type interface that is quite visually appealing.

I suggest you create an account with QuickLinkr so that you can customize your own Quickboard where you can create folders, make folders private or public, use a background image, view your bookmarked sites directly from QuickLinkr, etc… There are no ads, no social logins and no forced registration with QuickLinkr. A browser bookmarklet is also available that allows you to capture the URL of a site and send it directly to your QuickLinkr Quickboard.

To see a demo QuickLinkr in action, [CLICK HERE] .



Nature Wallpaper Set 62

2YA (Android/iPhone/iPad) – Facebook chat with sharing

‘Red October’ Virus Revives via Malicious Email

Kingston Digital HyperX Predator DataTraveler
512GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive



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FREE eBook Introducing Windows 8 – An Overview For IT Professionals

I came across this eBook today (at Microsoft Press) that may be of interest to IT Professionals and home based computer users alike. The book (in PDF format) describes the new and improved features of Windows 8 with focus on management, deployment and security. If you are new to Windows 8, this is a good read and best of all, it is FREE.

[ Download Here ]

If above linke does not work, try this one [HERE]

An Overview For IT Professionals

The Windows 8 operating system is the newest member of the Microsoft Windows family. It differs from earlier Windows releases as much for what it does not change as for what it does change. That is, the features that IT pros loved about Windows 7 are still there in Windows 8—just better. The same keyboard shortcuts, management tools, security features, and deployment options are available in Windows 8. But in many cases, Windows 8 improves them in intuitive and significant ways. Some examples are the ribbon in File Explorer and faster disk encryption when using BitLocker Drive Encryption. This book describes these enhancements plus many of the new features in Windows 8.



Bookmarked Tech Sites: 546

How To Open Your iMac (video) and More

5 Cool and Creative USB Drive Designs

Update Windows 8 Apps From Windows Store [Quick Tip]


Laptops, Tablets & Netbooks

Desktops & Servers

Computer Accessories & Peripherals

Computer Parts & Components




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Geek Squeaks’ (#76) – FREE Password Vault, Small USB Flash Drive, MS-Word Tip, an Ultrabook Comparison, and the NEW Mozilla Firefox 13

S10 Password Vault

S10 Password Vault

S10 Password Vault lets you auto-login to any website/program with account info stored securely on your PC. You can set up accounts to login upon launch, or use commands from within any field in any website or program to auto-type the appropriate info…

HP v165 Flash Drive

HP v165 Flash Drive

Need to do a presentation and take file with you. Simply copy the file onto the HP v165 Flash Drive and take it with you. To access your data, simply plug the USB into virtually any PC or MAC without the need for bulky cables or adapters. Show your friends and co-workers how resourceful and flexible data sharing can be by accessing your files whenever and wherever you want.

Tech Tip #19: How to Activate a MS Word Link
@ Ask A Tech Teacher

How to Activate an MS Word Link

I see a blue phrase on my page. It’s underlined. I’m told that’s a link to a website. How do I make it work? [ CLICK HERE] for the answer.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook and LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook Comparison @ AKS Geek Live

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U772 Ultrabook and LIFEBOOK UH572 Ultrabook Comparison

Mozilla releases Firefox 13 with redesigned new tab and home pages @ 404 Tech Support

Firefox 13

Mozilla has launched version thirteen of its Firefox browser. The New Tab page and Start page have received an updated look. SPDY protocol is now enabled by default on sites using SPDY. General performance has been improved by JavaScript garbage collection.



Today’s Technology News, Software, Apps, Wallpapers, Tech Products and MORE… 6/06/12

FREE Android App of the Day



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Geek Squeaks’ (#69) – A Mini USB Drive, WOT Protection, Popular iPhone Apps and a 1TB Swiss Knife

Featured Tech Product of the Day – HP v165w
16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


Way To Go WOT! – Now Protecting 30 Million Users
@ Bill Mullin’s Weblog – Tech Thoughts

Way To Go WOT! – Now Protecting 30 Million Users


Some of the Most Popular iPhone Apps
@ Scoroncocolo

Some of the Most Popular iPhone Apps


Swiss Knife with 1 TB USB Flash Drive
@ Plato On-Line

Swiss Knife with 1 TB USB Flash Drive


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Liberate Your Flash Drive with LiberKey

Managing apps on a flash drive can be a real challenge even for the polished IT professional. Flash Drives have given us the liberty to transport files from PC to PC and the ability to run apps (software applications) directly from these little buggers. Again the problem that occurs is the ability to manage and organize what we place on these drives.  I can remember when flash drives first came out and developers started creating portable apps. These apps were far and few between; however, today the portable apps available number into the hundreds.  You literally can create a computer on a stick…

To help manage what you place on your flash drive and to help you decide what apps to install, I use a portable menu management utility called LiberKey.


The abilities of LiberKey are phenomenal and will, in a sense, take complete charge of your drive. The most important feature I like about LiberKey is after I select the apps I want I can go back at anytime and have LiberKey update the apps to the current version. As a matter of fact, being big on flash drive usage, this feature alone is worth its’ weight in gold. I do not know how many times I have installed a portable app on my flash drive and never take the time to perform updates.

LiberKey is FREE; is host to over 292 applications that you can select from; plus, if you are not in the mood to specifically select what apps you want to install, you can actually take the lazy man’s way out and download a complete suite of apps in a batch.



An Ideal Scanner for Converting and Capturing
Paper Based Documents

Ultra-Portable Mouse – Great Price

Hot Tech Site of the Day – ReviewGuy

What to do after Windows 7 SP 1 Installation
@ TTC Shelbyville

Gold Box: New Deals. Every Day.


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A Portable Start Menu for your Flash Drive

I generally am a person that likes to be organized; even when it comes to managing files and program apps on my flash drive. I have tried numerous menu launchers on my flash drive and the one I settled with in the end is called “Portable Start Menu”. This little menu app installs an icon in your system tray that serves as a start menu for your flash drive apps and it does not stop there.


There are (3)-three features that I really like about Portable Start Menu:

You can configure Portable Start Menu, to automatically launch an application (or applications) when it starts up. For example, I carry my personal information manager with me. When I plug in my flash drive and start up “Portable Start Menu”, my personal information manager will automatically load and it is the first app I see.

    When you click on the Portable Start Menu Icon in the tray, you can readily see how much space you have remaining on your flash drive.

      When you get ready to unplug your flash drive, there is a menu selection available [ Close all running applications ]. This option will attempt to close any app you have open and once the apps is successfully closed a popup box (with an audio alert) will appear informing you it is safe to pull the drive. This feature alone is unheard of in the other portable menu apps I have tried. Many people lose data or cause file corruption on their flash drives due they end up pulling the drive before it has completed its’ operations.



        • Organize and launch applications via a tray menu
        • Closes running applications on USB-Sticks automatically
        • Checks if an application has been changed before execution
        • Quick Start functionality to start applications with a few keystrokes
        • Runs on USB-Sticks without leaving any traces on a host PC
        • Portable Start Menu is Freeware
        • Close running applications when you exit Portable Start Menu
        • Safely remove your USB-Stick
        • Supports relative paths
        • Can open folders, web sites, files, etc…

        Portable Start Menu is my menu launcher of choice on my flash drive. I have been using this app for over a year and it has not ever let me down.  Highly recommended!

        System: Win9x/Me/NT4/2000/2003/XP/Vista
        License: Freeware

        [ GET IT HERE ]


        jaanix post to jaanix

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        April Fool’s Day – Conficker hot topic…

        While enjoying lunch today with my parents my Mother asked me if I knew about the Conficker worm.  I nearly fell off my chair and was thinking; “Mom is becoming a techie?”.


        Sometime back I did (3)-three posts on the Conficker worm:

        Worm Bounty Set By Microsoft ($250,000)

        Downadup (aka: Conficker, Kido) is using AutoRun
        to spread “like a can of worms”…

        Is your system infected by the Downadup Worm, Conficker or Kido?

        I found that Mom had been following the news on the Conficker worm on one of the national TV networks. The news media is taking Conficker and really running with it. Remember hot news keeps an audience. Create a panic and they will come… Too bad they do not carry special “daily” segments on the other security threats on the internet where people are having their money and privacy taken away.

        To keep you up to date, the Conficker worm virus, which has literally baffled the IT experts, has infected over 10 million PC’s worldwide since November 2008  The conficker worm takes advantage of a vulnerability in Windows that Microsoft patched back in October 2008. If your PC is patched, then do not worry.

        The April 1st threat (or any date for that matter) is speculation that the network of computers, already infected by the Conficker program, will start scanning thousands of websites for a new set of malicious instructions. In essence, these computers would become part of a network of robots (called a botnet) that would execute the instructions, once received. For example, if instruction were received by 10 million computers to attack (flood with data), specific websites, it could bring the sites down and even affect the integrity of the internet.

        As always, keep the software on your computer up to date; especially your Window’s updates and your system security software.


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        PortableApps Suite

        If you own an USB flash drive, then you will want to grab the most recent version of “PortableApps Suite”.  The launcher and collection of apps will fit comfortably on a 512 MB drive.

        PortableApps Suite

        PortableApps Suite™ is a collection of portable apps including a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all preconfigured to work portably. Just drop it on your portable device and you´re ready to go.

        All versions of the PortableApps Suite include the integrated PortableApps Menu and the PortableApps Backup utility along with a set of custom icons, an autoplay configuration, folders and a quick start shortcut.


        • Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (web browser)
        • Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition (email)
        • Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition (calendar/tasks)
        • ClamWin Portable (antivirus)
        • Pidgin Portable (instant messaging)
        • Sumatra PDF Portable (PDF reader
        • KeePass Password Safe Portable (password manager)
        • Sudoku Portable (game)
        • Mines-Perfect Portable (game)
        • CoolPlayer+ Portable (audio player)
        • OpenOffice.org Portable* (office suite)


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        Worm Bounty set by Microsoft ($250,000)

        Remember the Conficker worm that you recently read about here on “What’s on my PC…” [ click here ] ?  In summary, Microsoft is going on the offensive by offering a quarter of a million dollars to track down the author(s) of the Conficker worm (aka: downadup, Kido). Conficker exploits a Windows vulnerability; patched by the October ‘08 Microsoft security update. If you had your PC configured to receive Microsoft updates automatically, you would have received the patch (or fix) this past October.  Numerous reports are indicating that, as many as, 10 million PC’s have been infected.  Being a former IT Manager, I have to wonder how many business and government entities were standing with their pants down on this one.  No excuse in missing Windows updates, on the business or government level, in my opinion.

        Wanted Conficker Worm

        clipped from www.foxnews.com

        Microsoft Posts $250,000 Reward for PC Hackers

        Friday, February 13, 2009

        Look out, computer hackers– there’s a new sheriff in town.

        Microsoft announced Thursday that it had placed a $250,000 bounty on the heads of the developers and distributors of a nasty computer virus that’s been worming its way worldwide for months.

        Known as the Conficker (a pun on “configure” and a four-letter German swear word) or Downadup worm , the virus has infected at least 10 million Windows-based computers since it first appeared in October. It’s forced the British and French navies to take some systems offline.

        Get Clipmarks – The easiest way to email text, images and videos you find on the web.

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        Downadup (aka: Conficker, Kido) is using AutoRun to spread “like a can of worms”…

        Did you know that you opened a can of worms if you did not apply the Windows update for an already known Windows vulnerability, back in October?  worms


        The Downadup worm virus (aka: Conficker, Kido) has globally spread like wildfire.  I am now reading stories [ click here ] where over 8 million PC’s have been infected (or 1 in 16 PC’s).  That is over 8 million PC’s that failed to patch their systems back in October.  The most concerning part, at least to me, is that this worm can use the “AutoRun” functionality in Windows to infect other PC’s.  Here is how this works.  You plug in your USB flash drive in a computer that has been infected with the Downadup worm and the worm copies a file (autorun.inf), to your flash drive.  You remove the flash drive and plug it into another PC, the Windows AutoRun function kicks in and the autorun.inf file, that was copied to your flash drive, now executes and infects that PC.

        Downadup is a worm (self-replicating).

        A standalone malicious program which uses computer or network resources to make complete copies of itself. May include code or other malware to damage both the system and the network. – F-Secure

        Propagation (How it spreads)…

        Downadup uses a variety of methods to spread itself.

        Downadup exploits a Windows vulnerability; patched by the October ‘08 security update.

        If the vulnerability is successfully exploited, it could allow remote code execution when file sharing is enabled. Depending on the specific variant, it may also spread via removable drives and by exploiting weak passwords. It disables several important system services and security products and downloads arbitrary files. – Microsoft Malware Solution Center

        Additionally, it uses Windows AutoRun functionality; autorun.inf files are copied to USB drives and other removable media.

        If your computer is infected…

        You may not experience any symptoms, or you may experience any of the following symptoms:

        Account lockout policies are being tripped.

        Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), Windows Defender, and Error Reporting Services are disabled.

        Domain controllers respond slowly to client requests.

        The network is congested.

        Various security-related Web sites cannot be accessed.

        Removal Assistance…

        Visit the Microsoft’s Help & Support (to learn about the manual removal method(s) and the available Malicious Software Removal tool (MSRT) tool option that is available.  Many of the anti-virus sites are carrying removal options and instructions, as well.  Like many viruses, this thing will continue to evolve with a variety of different payloads.  If you have a PC that is connected to the internet, it is very important that you keep your systems patched (via the Windows Update) and that you keep your Security software updated (e.g. anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware).  The internet is in one sad shape and it is important that our defenses are in place and that we educate ourselves about any potential threats.  Thank you visiting the blog and please push this info onward to make others aware.


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        USB Flash Drives.. FAQ (frequently asked questions)!

        Many techie types often assume that when they are talking tech, everyone understands… Nothing frustrates me more than when someone tries to talk over my head, with the assumption I am getting it. I’ve learned to teach, talk and demo computer technology from the perspective that computer technology is new to everyone. Many people are afraid to ask tech questions due that they feel their questions are nonsensical. There are no dumb question in my book. The reasons I am doing this blog is two-fold; to teach others and at the same time teach myself.

        A good example of this is, I have, on many occasions, had people approach me and ask about USB flash drives. Most people do not know what they are nor what they are capable of.

        What is a USB flash drive?

        The USB flash drive is a small device (with no moving parts), that when plugged into an USB port of a computer, the computer will recognize it as another drive. It is at that point that you can save files to the USB flash drive (i.e. documents, pictures, etc.).  The USB flash drive is also known as a thumb drive, jump drive, pen drive, key drive and USB drive.  The drives are very portable and can be carried from one computer to another computer.

        USB Flash Drive

        What capacities are available?

        To put this  into perspective.  Prior to the USB flash drive, the primary method of carrying files from one computer to another was the floppy disk.  The typical floppy disk size was 1.44 megabytes.  The first USB flash drives were commonly in the megabyte range; however, today they are widely available in the gigabyte range.  (i.e. 1 gb, 2 gb, 4 gb, 8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb, 64 gb).

        (1 gigabtye is equivalent to approximately 1 thousand megabytes or approximately 694 floppy disks)

        Are USB Flash Drives expensive and where can you buy them?

        Flash drives are relatively inexpensive and are available at just about any electronic, computer or major chain department store (such as WalMart).

        These prices are approximations

        Approximate Cost

        If I fill the USB flash drive up with files, do I have to buy another one?

        No, USB flash drives are re-writable.  You can delete or move files on the drive just as you do on your computer. If the drive starts to get filled, you will have to put your file management skills to test and relocate or delete files (to create space).  When you delete a file on a flash drive, it will not end up in the Windows recycle bin; however, in the event you delete a very important file on your drive you have a very good chance of recovering the file with file recovery software, which is readily available on the internet.

        Should I defragment my flash drive?

        No… flash drives are “solid state electronic devices” with no moving parts.  There is no performance gained by defragmenting a flash drive; and if anything defragging the drive will decrease the lifespan of the drive.  The more you write to a flash drive, the shorter the lifespan.

        Is it OK to store personal data on a flash drive?

        Yes, BUT…  Keep in mind that we are human beings and we can not keep track of our car keys, let alone a device that is small, light as a feather and can be easily lost. I carry a multitude of data on my drive and would be lost without it.  I keep my flash drive on my key ring, that way I will not forget and leave it in a computer AND any important files that I carry on the drive are encrypted.  A good file encryption program to use for this purpose is “EncryptOnClick”. EncryptOnClick is a program that can be installed on your flash drive that lets you securely encrypt and decrypt files.


        Can I run software from a flash drive?

        The popularity of these drives has driven software programmers to design Windows based software that is designed exclusively to run on flash drives.  These applications are commonly known as “portable apps”.  To explore what software is available here are popular sites that specialize in portable applications.



        The Portable Freeware Collection

        The Portable Freeware Collection





        You can also explore the portable applications that I use by clicking on the “Portable Apps” tab at the top of this blog.

        Can I use my USB flash drive at work?

        Contact your network administrator prior to using a flash drive at work. Some common issues that have occurred with using a flash drive at work:

        • Virus Carrier
        • Identity Theft
        • Data Theft
        • Privacy Issues
        • Potential embarrassment to company if the drive is lost.

        NOTE: I encourage you to read an article recently posted on the blog titled “USB Extension Cable…” If you use a flash drive on a frequent basis, an extension cable is a real timesaver.   I also encourage you read the article “Can’t use their thumb drive at work – Reader Question”, posted by TechPaul at “Tech-for Everyone”.


        USB Extension Cable…

        If you are someone that uses a USB flash drive on a regular basis, like I do, I highly recommend that you purchase a USB extension cable.  The extension cable makes it much easier to plug in your flash drive; plus, it prevents wear and tear on your computer’s USB port(s).  I have the “male” end of my extension cable plugged into one of the ports at the rear of my PC (which is on the floor) and the “female” end of the cable lying on top of my desk.  Unlike USB desktop hubs, where again you have to fumble around and search for and plug in the flash drive, I simply lift the female end of the cable and plug in the drive.  It is the ultimate way to make using your flash drive an enjoyable experience.  I also use it to plug in a digital camera to download my pics from the camera to the PC.

        What type of cable to look for…

        You can get these at just about any electronics store  (Belkin, USB Gear, Circuit City, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc…) and in various lengths.  Keep in mind, the USB standard limits the length of a USB cable to 5 meters (about 16.5 ft.).  You want Hi-Speed USB Revision 2.0 Shielded, USB Extension Cable USB Connector Type A Male to Type A Female. Don’t spend more than $20 bucks for one of these.

        Example of a 3 ft. “USB Extension Cable”

        USB Extension Cable
        It’s the simple things that can make your computing life enjoyable!




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